Selected projects

Modernization of control and safety system of rollers (4 pieces)

February 2013

The task was to exchange dedicated driver of machine manufacturer, and increasing the safety for rolls to produce flakes.

The factory of engineers

January 2013

The project consisted in the construction of modern educational and laboratory building of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at Technical University of Lodz.

Counting of energy

March 2012

Preparation of the SCADA system and reporting system for counting energy throughout the plant of tires production.

Modernization of a felt coiler’s control system

January 2012

The task was to draw the AKPiA project and writing a software for a felt coiler machine.

Modernization of napkin’s printing machine

January 2012

Modernization subject was the whole machine. The project has been rebuilt / renovated in the area of engineering and received a new control system.

Modernization of napkin’s machine control system

November 2011

The machine has been enhanced with the ability to adjust the paper’s tension between the individual sections of machine...

Drying at the incineration of alternative fuels (garbages)

September 2011

For a company providing technology we designed the control system of two alternative fuels dryers.

Hydraulic press

January 2011

Preparation of software that controls hydraulic press for tire production based on the manufacturer code and internal guidelines of investor.

Modernization of the control system of stacker

December 2010

In cooperation with a leading manufacturer of automation systems, we were responsible for the design of AKPiA and software of powertrain and system drivers.

Ketchup production line for R & D

August 2010

Design and build a production line for ketchup on a small scale for the R & D center.

Roller’s modernization

July 2010

Exchange of control system and improve safety on the rollers for the production of rubber. The hardest part of the implementation was to make a thorough inventory of the machine from the electrical si...

Modernization of the control system of the napkin’s printing machine

May 2009

The modernization of the control system of printing machine to produce napkins.

The biogas plant

April 2009

The AKPiA project and software control for biogas of agriculture- utylization plant which was the first in Poland, designed and built according to the new Polish technology.

Concrete mixer

May 2008

Preparation of software for controlling two concrete mixers, which were overhauled mechanically and on this occasion was replaced their control.

Media Works

April 2008

Preparation of the software for all media works (excluding electricity). The task included software as follows: boiler room, water treatment, vacuum...
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