Start-ups and Service

After completion of the work in the office, when the object is ready from the technological side, our engineers begin testing the system. At the first we test safety systems and inputs and outputs of the controllers. When we are sure that at this stage all the defects have been removed, we move to the phase of functional testing. After this step, usually, the whole system is being started and its normal operation starts with the assistance of a software developer who corrects any faults that occur on a regular basis.
The commissioned line or machine is covered by a warranty and post-warranty services. We are also able to provide the service to third-party systems. We try to keep to assist the customers who report to us in order to reduce downtime of installation.
If we have the opportunity we rent our equipment to customers in a place of their damaged one. This will help them to avoid stopping the production line for the time of delivery. The appropriate number of engineers enables us to respond quickly to customer’s needs.